Custom-made planters

Custom planters

Tracer Urban Nature offers you a collection of made-to-measure planters, entirely made in its factory in Burgundy.


Each tray will be adapted to the architectural project as well as to the technical constraints of the place, the building…


These planters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as cold, heat, wind, rain.

Tree boxes

We manufacture and install steel, aluminum and corten tree boxes in your various projects.

These containers allow the integration of large shrubs on a facade.


This system provides immediate plant cover on the facade.


The size of the boxes can accommodate large, already developed shrubs.

Inspired by the emblematic landscape of the creeks of Marseille, the project designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel and the promoter Ametis gives pride of place to interior plant facades with pine trees planted on the facade, installed in Tracer steel tubs and then concrete planters.

The bottoms of the container may have, depending on the sizes of the planters, reinforced welds that avoid the effects of punching or sagging caused by the load of the substrate or plants

Square or rectangular boxes


STEEL, ALUMINUM, CORTEN Aluminum allows great freedom of dimensions and shapes. The thickness of the sheet will be between 2 and 8mm depending on the size of the planters. Steel comes from Arcelor Mittal, Magnélis collection MagnelisR is an exceptional new metallic coating. This remarkable coating combines many advantages. It thus offers the best corrosion resistance performance, up to 10 times better than that of galvanized steel. Corten is a weather-resistant steel that when exposed to the outdoors becomes covered with a protective layer of rust. The final and natural rust layer protects the steel from corrosion. Corten is an alloy composed of iron to which are added copper, silicon, nickel and chromium.


- Coating to the desired color by thermo lacquering, mat, satin, gloss or texture finish

- Thermo-lacquering is a painting process which consists first of all in applying a non-polluting epoxy powder paint, by electrostatic spraying. This will then be polymerized in a baking oven at 200 C ° to obtain a paint film. This finish provides a perfect and very resistant finish

- Anti-graffiti protective varnish

- Floor standing on adjustable feet

- Sealing on site

- Roller feet to move the bins

Bottom of the box

- Draining base. Water drainage under the tank

- Water reserve with overflow siphon

- Evacuation by barbican

- Waterproof bottom

Straight linears

We manufacture and install straight lines, L-shaped battens, support lines, for urban agriculture or landscaping terraces on your sites.

The market garden box

The market gardening box of the Urban Market gardening collection falls within the framework of urban agriculture. It allows 5m² to be vegetated with a footprint of only 1m².


Its design has been specially studied to meet both aesthetic and ecological requirements. Due to its particular shape, it allows spontaneous seedlings to take place.

A turnkey service

As a manufacturer of planters and green walls, we are able to provide you with a complete service that goes from the tailor-made manufacture of planters, to on-site installation, installation of automatic watering, of the plant. hydraulic, substrate filling, advice on the choice of plants to adapt to the environment, planting and maintenance of the structure.