Interior Green Wall

The interior green wall

The interior green wall Tracer is made up of the VertiFlore® system for the structure.

A patented product, under TECHNICAL ADVICE: n ° 2 / 15-1693 from CSTB.

Technical specifications of the system

Galvanized steel basket, surrounded by an M1 rot-proof mat, filled with the patented Tracer® substrate.

This substrate studied with Cnrs and INRA ensures the sustainability of the _ plant, which can take root properly (40 L of soil per basket / 5 L per
plant). Addition of fertilizer not necessary. No sphagnum moss or peat.

Choice of indoor plants

Indoor plants help to clean the air in the room. This very thermally stable environment allows plants to develop rapidly.


The sprinkler system is placed above each tank. The density of the drip pipes ensures balanced irrigation over the entire wall, which limits watering times and saves water.

Our walls are connected thanks to a remote management system, the information on the wall is transmitted to our maintenance department, which can react quickly in the event of a problem.